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Every automotive or truck-related enterprise, whether it is a workshop, a sole proprietor, a manufacturer or a supplier, will encounter distinct challenges through their trade. Many enterprises that may already have a well-established history will struggle to find straightforward solutions to their complex issues. If solutions were that simple, they likely would have already been put into practice.

This is where Supercharged Consulting comes in. By taking an in-depth look into your business, we can provide options, discuss your pressure points, and develop solutions or training in how to overcome those difficulties that have been around for years, or are only now just starting to rear the head.

Not only will we provide you with an outside perspective on your particular challenges, but we will also craft with you the solutions to overcome them and help shoulder the workload with you. We have found that most of our clients are time-poor, so let us take some of the labour off your hands. We have the experience and expertise to help, so give us a call.


The following is a guide on some areas we may investigate when assessing and ultimately ‘fine tuning’ an automotive business:



As a business coach specializing in the automotive industry, you can take advantage of a unique combination of industry-specific knowledge and business acumen. My approach involves deeply understanding your business’s challenges and opportunities, and then providing tailored guidance to streamline operations, enhance team performance, and boost customer satisfaction.

I work closely with leaders and teams to develop effective strategies for marketing, sales, and service excellence. Through targeted coaching sessions I help inculcate leadership skills, foster a culture of innovation, and drive sustainable growth. My goal is to empower your business to not only meet the ever-evolving demands of the automotive market but to thrive in this competitive landscape.

Area Of Focus Diversification


Expanding your product and service range can significantly increase your share of customer spending. Developing bespoke products is a critical move that, with careful planning and expertise, can distinguish your business. Responsibly managed and cost-effective, these unique offerings can yield higher profits than typical resold items.
Area Of Focus Competitors


Keeping tabs on the opposition is wise. The intent is that you become an industry leader, not just a follower that can only react to market changes. We collaborate with you to create a plan to best set yourself apart from the pack, minimise the points where you are currently being beaten to help develop an aspirational brand that customers will want to be associated with pride.
Area Of Focus Staff


We will aid you in enhancing staff performance by aligning their skills and goals with the company’s objectives. Through customized training, efficient workflows and motivational strategies, we will boost productivity and profitability. This leads to better service quality, customer satisfaction, and ultimately increased profit and efficiency for your business.
Area Of Focus Documentation


Virtually all small to medium sized performance workshops lack at least some if not all of the appropriate contracts and internal documents for everything from employee contracts, sublet agreements, dealership proposals or even appropriate workshop and/or dyno disclaimers. This can leave businesses vulnerable and what you feel to be agreed verbal or implied commitments ‘open to interpretation’, which can make conflict resolution vastly more difficult. We can help create the appropriate paperwork so that you do not have to.


Supercharged Consulting is in the business of tailoring digital solutions to match your business growth needs. From e-commerce platforms to drive global sales, to booking systems to enable your clients to book services via their mobile phone, and advertising to drive new clients. The team at Supercharged Consulting have your automotive needs covered.

Area Of Focus Advertising


Any design and word-smithing requirements are managed. We can help wade through the endless options of online advertising campaigns to find those suitable for the greatest reach at the smallest cost, including social media and Google AdWords advertising. Having established a marketing strategy and if print media (magazines, fliers, brochures, sales materials) is deemed to be a part of it, we will help with the creation, written content and all aspects of design, advertising schedules et al.
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Although used by virtually all businesses in the industry, very few do it well. We can show you how to make the best of your product or service offerings to your target audience, gain exposure and create engagement to convert into sales.
Area Of Focus Website


Current research still states that anywhere between 81% – 93% of 18-59 year old customers still view a business’ website before making a purchasing decision – even if they have a social media presence. Typically, the phone call or direct message following this investigation is simply to qualify their consideration to purchase from you.

Thanks to extensive experience developing and leading the design of auto industry websites, we will be able to guide you on how to re-vamp your tired website which may not currently represent what you can provide your customers. If you currently do not have a website, we can help you through the maze of offerings to maximise your impact and minimise the cost of doing so.

Area Of Focus Video Editing


Utilising tools such as Premiere Pro and Photoshop, we can ensure all your content both in-store and online is of the highest quality and catered specifically to your business – at no additional cost.


Compete the form and our team would be happy to call you to discuss your business potential.