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In our past management roles, we’ve personally encountered challenging situations with consultancy contracts that were exploitative, leaving the companies we worked for struggling to terminate them.

Being married to a course of action that didn’t suit us, or a consultant that was out of their depth yet having a 12-month contract to fulfill is a horrible feeling and costly.

Which is why we do not do this.

We don’t write up any contracts for any of our services.

Typically, we work with our clients on a month-by-month basis for as long or as short as they like, or until we achieve what success looks like to them.

So how much would it cost you? We would be happy to put a dollar figure here to make your life easier, but it depends on what you need from us and what you want to achieve.

The bottom line is if we are doing our job well by making a business more profitable, adding value and reducing owner stress, then our clients happily keep us on board. We have clients that have employed Supercharged Consulting as a part of their business for more than a decade.

  • No predatory lock-in contracts
  • Ongoing consulting is akin to having an extra workforce available whenever, and however you need it
  • Utilize our services and know-how for the tasks that you either lack the expertise for or would prefer not to handle
  • We adjust our workload to suit your business, your budget, and your needs
  • Hire us for one-off projects or for ongoing consultancy advice and support
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