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The tyre opportunity is more than just selling rubber

The increasing market share of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), reaching 16% year-to-date for newly registered vehicles, is reshaping the aftersales landscape in the franchised retail sector, with this trend expected to accelerate further. While the reduced service, maintenance, and repair requirements of BEVs are not new developments, the growing number of these vehicles underscores the need to rethink the aftersales model.

Although tyres are often highlighted as an opportunity in the context of BEVs, it’s crucial to recognize that this extends beyond simply replacing tyres due to the weight and driving characteristics of electric vehicles. While it’s commonly believed that the weight of a BEV’s battery would lead to faster tyre wear, closer examination reveals a more nuanced situation.

Contrary to assumptions, the weight difference between BEVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars is less significant than commonly perceived, as the weight of components like engines and fuel tanks in ICE cars offsets the battery weight in BEVs. Regarding tyre wear, while BEVs may experience slightly quicker wear due to factors like increased torque and acceleration, driving style remains the most significant determinant.

The tyre opportunity is not exclusive to BEVs but applies to all vehicles, considering the general trend of increasing vehicle weight. Businesses can capitalize on this by offering services such as tyre rotation, winter tyre checks, and alloy wheel refurbishment, which not only enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value but also adapt to the evolving automotive market. As the market continues to evolve, embracing such opportunities will be crucial for reimagining the role of service, maintenance, and repair in the automotive sector.


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